survival of the fittest
5'1, vegetarian, ex-smoker, runner. living with chronic migraines/vision loss and training for my first half marathon.
40+ lbs lost since 2012

TODAY I WENT ON A 22km (13.6mi) BIKE RIDE. 

I’ll update you all when I can feel my ass again.
I was looking through pictures from my last race and could’ve thought so many things: That was a great race! My sister and I kicked ass! Check out my sweet Tapout shorts! (I love mma)  I look confident and strong! I’ve done so many 5ks now I’ve lost count!

No. I had only one thought when I came across a picture I don’t even remember taking, and that thought was:

 Does my shadow look fat??

Yes. that’s what’s in my head. I studied the picture til I realized that it was my booty sticking out, not my stomach, and that somehow made me feel better enough to move on the rest of the photos. My shadow? What the fuck is wrong with me? How can I lose 40 lbs and still feel so self conscious? I also look like I have shorter arms in that picture but my brain says “well, duh. it’s a SHAdow.” Why does that not translate to the rest of my body?


Life tip: When you come across a shy person, do not make shy jokes about them.

Do NOT make shy jokes.


Young women CAN and DO get breast cancer! 

Name: Kristal
Age at Diagnosis: 27
Current Age: 33
Cancer Status: Stage II. Chemotherapy. Mastectomy. Expanders. Implants. Multiple surgeries. Infection. Removal of implants. Awaiting surgery.
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Only have 11 cigs in my pack..ive gathered together my e-cigs and nicotine lozenges…its time for hopefully what will be my last attempt at quitting smoking for good after 11 years of being a smoker. Im so ready right now! Just hope i can keep all the reasons why in my head during the rough spots. Any suggestions??

Congratulations for taking this step! You can always write your reasons down when it gets hard. surround yourself with reminders of all the ways this will benefit you. Tell yourself you can do it, because YOU CAN. :)

Possible Titles for My Autobiography

I Checked the Pockets, Probably: Washing Tissues with The Laundry and Other Domestic Failures

If We Can’t Order Online I’ll Just Eat that Granola Bar in My Purse Instead: Yes I’m in Therapy

How Can They Still Not Know I Hate Mayonnaise: These Assholes Never Loved Me