survival of the fittest
5'1, vegetarian, ex-smoker, runner. living with chronic migraines/vision loss and training for my first half marathon.
40+ lbs lost since 2012
Same dress! About 3 years apart.

Weight loss issues: I went from a 36D to a 34B. Yes, this is going to happen. 

Another side effect? The picture doesn’t really do it justice but since I quit smoking & stopped eating crap, my hair is shiny, bouncy, and healthy again too. Yay :)
A few things

#1. Fuck mosquitos


I’ve already reblogged this but always good to bring it round again :)


idk man it just makes me so so so sad when you’re watching a cutiepie talk about their passion like when they light up and start bubbling over with words and then all of a sudden they stop themselves and say stuff like “sorry, i know this is boring” or “sorry i just got excited”

like you know somewhere in their life someone they respected told them “shut up nobody cares” and ever since they can’t talk about their favorite things without apologizing every 5 seconds

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I owe my body an apology. 

I’ve been mean to her lately, and not realizing how much she does for me. No matter what happens, she shows up to the plate every day.

I hope you are proud as shit, this is fantastic!

Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls
need more songs for your playlist?

This is how I know I’m old: I know every song from 1993 but only about half from 2013.

Young women CAN and DO get breast cancer! 

Name: Ashlynn
Age at Diagnosis: 24
Current Age: 26
Cancer Status: In September 2012 At 24, (started forming at 23) I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. (right breast; w/ metastasis to lymph nodes in right arm and T9-11 vertebrae). 6 months of chemotherapy, radical bilateral mastectomy (13 lymph nodes removed from arm as well) and 3 months of radiation. Went into remission and placed on Tamoxifen in September 2013, but was short lived. 😔 On January 30th, I was diagnosed with Secondary Incurable Bone Cancer. Treatment plan consists of daily chemo pill (Femara/Letrozole) along with hormonal therapy and monthly Xgeva injections. Currently recovering from a cancer-related spinal fracture, but I refuse to give up!!! 🎀💪 
(I was going for the beauty pageant swimsuit look lol)
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